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Price Guides for Collectible Coin Banks

This page is a continuation of the Miscellaneous Page of the Online Collector's Bookstore. Below are links to several popular price guides for coin banks. These books can be purchased through the website. All orders can be taken by over the Internet through a secure server or be paid by check. Most books will be shipped in two to three days. Many of the books listed here are priced by at 20% or 30% off list price.

Ceramic Coin Banks : Identification & Value Guide
by Tom Stoddard, Loretta Stoddard

Paperback, 160 pages; Published by Collector Books.
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There has been a giant need for a resource that will identify, evaluate and give price guidance for ceramic coin banks. With their expertly written book, Tom and Loretta Stoddard have responded to this need, presenting for the first time their collection - the largest pre-WWII ceramic bank collection in the world. This book covers the major collecting and research interest of most collectors, pre-WWII banks, plus the incredibly charming ceramic banks of Occupied Japan. People animals, foods, vehicles and so much more are depicted in over 1,000 vivid photos that reveal brilliant colors and glazes.

Collectors Guide to Banks Identification & Values: Pottery, Porcelain, Composition
by Bev Mangus, Beverly Mangus, Jim Mangus

Paperback - 176 pages (June 1998); Collector Books.
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The need for a more complete guide to pottery and porcelain banks drove the Manguses to write this book. Over 60 different pottery companies and more than 800 full-color photographs are featured. It includes dimensions, marks and current values under each photograph.

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