Heisey Glass 1896-1957: Identification and Value Guide
by Neila Bredehoft, Tom Bredehoft

Heisey Glass

Hardcover - pages; Publisher: Collector Books; [Updated] edition
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From the early production of imitation cut patterns in 1896 to the colorful lines of Depression era glass table settings, these items are highly sought after and still find an exciting market on the internet as well as antique shows and shops. Patterns featured numerous items for the table - plates and stemware of all sizes, cruets, toothpick holders, syrups, bowls, candlesticks. From the elegant Depression era glass table settings to the novelty shot glasses and tumblers of the 1950s, Heisey continued to produce a wealth of beautiful glass destined to become treasured collectibles. No where else can you find all of the information and values in one book. All of the major tableware and stemware patterns are featured in great detail. Thousands of illustrations from original company catalogs to 100s of beautiful photos showcase the fine quality and colors of Heisey. 2003 values.

Heisey Glass: The Early Years : 1896-1924
by Shirley Dunbar

Value Guide

Paperback - 175 pages; Publisher: Krause Publications
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This first-ever comprehensive guide to Heisey glassware covers the early years of the A. H. Heisey Company, from 1896-1924the production period of primary interest to contemporary dealers and collectors. As the earliest pieces produced by Heisey increasingly gain legitimate antique status (100 years-or-more old), it is important that collectors, dealers, and appraisers have access to accurate, comprehensive, detailed, and timely information relating to identification, pattern and color description, production dates, variations, and values. This book is the first to provide both the scope and depth of information needed for confidently buying, selling, and trading in this specialized collectibles area. Complete with up-to-date marketplace values, the guide also includes helpful tips for buying and caring for glassware, and an introduction by leading glass expert, Neila Bredehoft.

-Includes history of the Heisey Company and its founder. -Identifies all early Heisey patterns produced from 1896-1924 by pattern number and in alphabetical order, including mold dates and an explanation of the patterns origin. -Contains more than 300 photographs--many in color--of rare and highly sought after pieces. -Provides previously unpublished information obtained from the Heisey Museum archives.

The Colors of Heisey Glass
by Debbie Coe, Randy Coe

book cover

Hardcover - 192 pages; Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (June 30, 2006)
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