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Price Guides for Raggedy Ann and Andy Antique and Collectible

This page is a continuation of the Miscellaneous Page of the Online Collector's Bookstore. Below are links to several popular price guides for raggedy ann and andy antiques and collectibles. These books can be purchased through the website. All orders can be taken by over the Internet through a secure server or be paid by check. Most books will be shipped in two to three days. Many of the books listed here are priced by at 20% or 30% off list price.

The World of Raggedy Ann Collectibles : Identification & Values
by Kim Avery

Paperback, 240 pages; Published by Collector Books.
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Raggedy Ann and Andy are among the best-loved and most long-lived dolls still available today. Millions of people loved these charming rag dolls as children, and many collect them now as adults. The original dolls were created in 1918 by Johnny Gruelle along with his popular series of books about Ann and here friends. This extensive all-new book features the many variety of dolls as well as banks, books, playsets, games, lamps, music boxes, planters and more. Over 1,200 color photos are brought together with facts, sizes, dates, and of course, current collector values.

Wonderful Raggedy Anns (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
by Joyce Gerardi Rinehart

Paperback (September 1997); Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
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The Raggedy Ann and Andy Family Album
by Susan Ann Garrison

Paperback 2nd edition (January 1998); Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
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