Kovels' Bottles Price List, 13th edition
by Terry Kovel, Ralph Kovel

Advertising Memorabilia

Paperback - 272 pages; Publisher: Random House Reference; 13 edition (April 11, 2006)
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Kovels’ Bottles Price List, 13th edition, is a newly revised edition of the most reliable guide available for anyone who buys, sells, or collects bottles. Written by Ralph and Terry Kovel, America’s foremost authorities on antiques and collectibles, this indispensable, best-selling handbook includes the most accurate current prices and histories of more than 90 categories from the 1700s to the 2000s, from flasks and fruit jars to miniature pottery bottles, and from medicine and perfume bottles to Avon, Coca-Cola, and Jim Beam and Ezra Brooks.

Special features include: • A sixteen-page color insert of distinctive bottles carefully selected by the authors • More than 12,000 all-new, appraiser-approved prices • Over 350 black-and-white photographs • Edited by America’s premier experts on antiques and collectibles • American prices based on actual U.S. auctions (not estimates or conversions from European auctions) • Portable, pocket-sized, so you can carry to auctions in your tote-bag

“The Kovels are arguably the authorities on antiques and collectibles in this country.” —Los Angeles Times

“Probably the single best book to have a real standard for antique bottle collectors.” —AntiqueBottles.com

Antique Trader Bottles Identification & Price Guide
by Michael Polak

Paperback - 550 pages; Publisher: Krause Publications; 5th edition (April 30, 2006)
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The "bottle bible" is back with FULL color photos and new categories to give collectors the most up-to-date and comprehensive data on collectible bottles! This impressive 5th edition of the Antique Trader Bottles Identification & Price Guide features two new categories -- perfume bottles and political/patriotic bottles. Thousands of detailed listings for old (pre-1900) and new (post-1900) bottles, current pricing, and 500-plus spectacular color photos combine for an unparalleled collectibles resource. From collectors and dealers to anyone with a fond memory of bottles for everything from soda pop to ink will find this easy-to-follow resource essential to building a stellar collection.

-500+ stunning color photos for quick reference

-Thousands of listings provide valuable identifying details

-Current pricing to help collectors remain up to date

Bottles: Identification and Price Guide, 3rd Edition
by Michael Polak

Paperback: 560 pages; Publisher: Collins; 3 edition
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Do you need help in finding that elusive and rare antique bottle? How about some clues on where to locate the best digging spots? Do you wonder how old your bottle really is? The "Bottle Bible", a comprehensive reference for all collectors from bottle-collecting enthusiast Michael Polak, is now newly revised for the third edition. Bottle collecting continues to grow as an incredibly popular hobby, with more and more people digging through old dumps, foraging through old ghost towns, digging out old outhouses, exploring mine shafts, and searching at swap meets, flea markets, and garage sales for the treasured bottle.

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