Collectible Drinking Glasses: Identification & Values
by Mark E. Chase, Michael Kelly

Advertising Memorabilia

Paperback: 136 pages, Publisher: Collector Books
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Here is the best, most knowlegeable book on fast-food, sports, food product, and cartoon glasses; a result of the combined efforts of well-known and respected leaders in the field. This trustworthy comprehensive value guide has thousands of glasses illustrated in full-color, from Disney to McDonalds, and exclusively featuring two-dozen prototype Pepsi-Cola glasses. An inspiration for collectors to broaden and build on their knowledge - you won't find a better book about the many different kinds of drinking glasses.

Tomart's Price Guide to Character & Promotional Glasses Including Pepsi, Coke, Fast-Food, Peanut Butter and Jelly Glasses; Plus Dairy Glasses & Milk
by Carol Markowski, Tom Hoder, Tom Schwartz (Photographer), Tom Tumbusch (Photographer)

Paperback - 176 pages; Publisher: Tomart Publications; 3rd Rev edition
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